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Go Faster 2.

Go Faster 2!

The game so amazing, we went straight to the second one!

Hurtle through space at mind-boggling speeds as you and your friend race for glory! Team Dogopus, accomplished masters of high-speed fun--have collaborated to create the fastest, most visually stunning racing game ever! Go Faster 2 is the race to end all races, as fearless pilots risk everything to claim the title of the top speedster in the world!


Game Info

You think you know speed. Think again. You can play our game that lets you race some of the sickest, most ludicrously fast ships ever made. We’re breaking out the big guns for the ULTIMATE racing experience.

  • Choose from 3 mind melting vehicles!
  • Race across 2 expansive worlds.
  • Have your friend join for intense, competitive split screen multiplayer!
  • Blood pumping tracks to race to your limits with!


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See Go Faster 2 in all its face melting glory!



A breif summary that illustrates our process in putting together the game.


From ships to scenery, check out what makes GO Faster 2 one of the greatest games ever.


Short bio's about the team and links to the project website.